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Team Work

io's have a good team with years of experience that enables our teams to share ideas, allowing us meticulous and thorough to complete task.

Software Development

We build custom programmed software as per clients requirements.

I.O Tech

Tech Support

We are available to solve our clients tech problems, questions and take feedback & solve it as soon as possible

We Meet Our Deadlines

Our clients deadline is the most important. Our job is to make sure that our work is done perfectly before the deadline.

We make our work look good & Keep our clinets happy & have experience in developments with, difference Technologies.

About I.O Tech Work's

Our goal is to build custom Product.


I.O Tech Nepal is an Independent Modern Software Development Company. I.O Techs have new, energetic and experience rich team with plans, visions and goals for shaping and supporting your present as well as future. I.O Tech was established in 2020, aimed to provide software solution to all the organization in this modern era of technology.

Services We Offer

Exceptional level of service

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Utsah Learning Center

Nepal Law Campus

Dheba Sajhedari Saving & Credit Co-operative

Faculty Of Law

Greenfield National College

Hire Himilayans

Imperial School

e-Auto Nepal

e-Auto Nepal


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